Think before you Tweet

With the explosion in ‘social media’ people are finding all sorts of ways to connect with each other using the myriad of sites and networks available to them.¬† Whatever your views are on Twitter or Facebook or any of the other social networks and forums out there, you can’t ignore the fact that communications channels are probably faster and more open than ever before in history.

At Lime Tree Communications we like to explore the methods that people choose to cascade their philosophy or message. It’s quite intriguing!

Wherever and whenever you choose to publish your views and comments ‘on line’ you must always be mindful of the fact that it is ‘public’ information. There has been a rise in litigation against individuals who have made ‘unlawful’ or damaging comments, although not the significant boom that some predicted with the birth of such social media platforms.

Don’t mess with the ‘big boys’. Individuals and corporates will be trying to protect their brands and reputation from anything they consider to be ‘harmful user-generated content.’
It can also get serious in terms of police investigation. Look at the recent riot scenario, where many folk had a knock at their door when they posted messages considered to incite riot or anti-social activity. At one stage the government even threatened more control over social media during times of civil disturbance, but seem to have backed down from that particular moral high ground.

If you’re going to blog and post – you are not immune to being prosecuted or feeling the ‘long arm of the law’…but of course that is only if your content¬† can be considered as defamatory.

On the other hand, disparaging and derogatory appears to be common place – and some would say keeps corporates on their toes in terms of customer satisfaction.

Whatever business you’re in – do you know what people are saying about you?¬† For help with unravelling the social media mysteries, call Lime Tree Communications and we’ll try to help unveil the ‘dark arts’!!