Stephen Fry Does It Again

Here at Lime Tree Communications we are in awe of the great wordsmith Stephen Fry – who starts his new BBC2 programme Planet Word (today Sunday 2 October 2011.)

Even with our own love of lexicon – we confess it doesn’t come near to this man’s absolute genius.

His vocabulary is vast and he is spellbinding to watch and to listen to with his quirky outlook on life and his endless passion for all things cerebral. He pontificates at every given opportunity – but it is easy to forgive his possibly egotistical and arrogant streak, and sit back in pure admiration.

As PR, marketing and communications professionals we like to think that we can write excellent press releases, incisive copy, hard hitting news content or just be sparking and witty when the occasion demands. But to be fair..we don’t come close to his capacity for intellect.

There are around 171,476 words in current use listed in the  Oxford English Dictionary, and I wouldn’t mind betting that Mr Fry knows a huge proportion of those (if not all!)

At Lime Tree Communications we own up to being limited in comparison to the great man himself – but we don’t do that badly for ‘hacks from Dorset’.

Even the programme’s trailer entices you in…

‘ Language. I’ve travelled the world finding out more how it seduces, astonishes, enrages,

 beguiles, amuses and abuses…and can make pictures where there are none.’

We like that.

The QI host  and Twitter aficionado will be imparting his love of words in the 5 part series looking at the difference between language and communication – including the study of how chimpanzees converse.

However, closer to home (and less chimp like…) if you’re looking for a PR agency in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, New Forest or the surrounding areas providing expertise in marketing and PR communications then contact Lime Tree Communications. Get in touch and we can discuss how we can work with you.

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