Inspiration from the Sky at Night

moon rising

Sorry we’ve bit a bit tardy with our blog lately. It’s been all ‘go’ here at Lime Tree Towers - which we shouldn’t complain about.

We’ve met with some fab new clients who want to use our PR and marketing services in Dorset and Hampshire, plus some potential clients for creative web design and brand convergance.

We’ve also been out and about networking quite a bit lately and picked up some fab ideas from the social media experts on optimising web presence with Google+ and LinkedIn… so all exciting stuff…and lots to learn about the ever-changing world wide web.

It’s a tough time for business, but we’re picking up the vibe that for those prepared to be bold and hold their nerve, working with a professional PR agency to revise their communications, advertising and social media strategies is deemed as the  right way to go - giving their company a fighting chance to survive the economic downturn.

That of course is excellent news for us and we’ve been really impressed by amount of good news and positive PR opportunities - and we want to help our clients shout their stories from the roof tops.

Lastly, as the nights draw in we thought we’d share the view from our window whilst we’ve been beavering away this afternoon. Sometimes the sky at night can be truly inspirational… especially as the moon rises through the evening cloud. Enjoy!