A Room With a View…

Wow! It’s been a hectic month (which we’re not complaining about). Exciting news that one of our clients has won several awards -so we’ve been busy with press releases, photo shoots and circulating their news far and wide!

Also working on two different newsletters – which seem to be making a come back (if they ever went away) -and I have to say it has been very enjoyable too.

In terms of communication, it is all about the perfect ‘marketing mix’. At Lime Tree Communications we like to sit down with our clients to dig deep into what they’ve got to say (their USP’s etc.) – suss out exactly who their client base is – and then look at a  PR and communications strategy for on line and offline campaigns  – generally using a mix of social media and traditional approaches (including flyers and newsletters.)

Like most things – it’s in the execution. A well written and crafted newsletter that looks presentable and makes a good read will be of interest to your target audience. The trick is to be subtle about self-promotion, and where possible  to incorporate client endorsements or recommendations as articles.

As a former journo…writing still holds most interest, and working on corporate communications for a range of different companies makes it really diverse and interesting. Researching the topics, so that you are well informed, then capturing the message in just the right way, and presenting it to a client is really stimulating.

This week three different people have said “That quote you wrote for me was perfect. I couldn’t have said it better myself!” When someone comments in such a way you know you’ve hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Anyway, time to get on, but just thought I’d share a room with a view (bet you were wondering when the heading would make sense?) – and here is a picture of the scene outside the Lime Tree Communications office window earlier this afternoon.

A room with a view.... Sabre checking out what we're up to at Lime Tree Communications

When looking for inspiration..a quick glance to that cheeky little face peering across the fence always puts a smile on my face.  More carrots please!