How Agile Are You?

Well, as the country (if not the world) becomes gripped with Olympic fever, I thought I’d take the time out to use a fitness analogy for PR, marketing and communications.

In my former role as Marketing Director for a large education establishment – one needed the stamina and mental alertness of a top athlete in order to keep up with meeting deadlines, multi-tasking, overseeing the team, and generally keeping on top of your game.

So, I think my track record speaks for itself, although I don’t have a medal to prove it! (...nor, I must admit the physique!!!)

Anyway, agility is not necessarily a word which instantly springs to mind in terms of corporate or business communications – and yet I suggest it should.  In terms of PR, marketing and communications, agility will mean many things.

Here I try to identify 5 winning tips to help you become more agile with your business communications:

  • Flex your approach. The ability to tailor your approach to different target markets/audiences/customers/ client groups is vital. The message may be consistent but the approach should be customised. Remember the old adage ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.
  • Revise, review and refresh. Don’t let your communications/marketing messages become stale. Keep your ideas fresh and relevant – give them currency. Ditch what’s not working for you, be prepared to try a new approach.
  • Go for Gold! Your fan base (your happy, satisfied or delighted customers) can be marvellous advocates for your brand/your business/your service. Use their testimonials, ask for their recommendations etc. Reward them for their loyalty too!
  • Speed and accuracy. React to topical issues and build them into your communications (if there is something pertinent). Be prepared to react and respond – but don’t lose attention to detail.
  • Teamwork! In terms of PR, marketing and communications -  always ensure all your staff well briefed and ‘on message’. Take the time for internal communications too – and make sure that all your team members are rising to the challenge and fully comprehend your missions and objectives.


Maybe most of these seem obvious, but I am often surprised when speaking to clients that they have not set up their PR/marketing/communications strategies to be agile and flexible.

Hopefully these hints and tips will help you see great results – and one last analogy – ‘don’t rest on your laurels’

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith (image courtesy