It’s All In The Words…

Whatever business, sector or organisation you are in – the need to use the right words should never be overlooked. In marketing & communications terms – we call this ‘content’.

The content is what will engage your target audience and ensure that you convey the right message.

This is applicable to any form of business or corporate communication, whether that is internal communications to staff and colleagues; communications and messaging to key stakeholders or partners, or business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C) communications.

Content matters because it will influence people’s perceptions about you, your business, product or service.

The content we refer to could be in offline material such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, advertisements or just in a letter; or online such as your website, blog, video or social media campaigns.

Here are 5 top tips from Lime Tree Communications to think about when writing:

Personality. When choosing words just be human! What is the ‘personality’ or tone of your business? Do your communications convey that unique style? Find your distinctive voice and keep to it.

Clear. Honest. Specific. Define the purpose of your communication (to yourself first) – then the words should flow in a way that will be unambiguous to your reader. We always advise a ‘sense check’ where you can. Ask a friend or colleague (preferably someone who is not working on the project with you) – to see if it is clear and understandable.

Credible. Sounds obvious, but how often to you read ‘marketing speak’ and feel cynical towards it? You want your messages to be clear and believable.

Provocative. Do your words provoke a call to action? Will they make people think about you? If the purpose of your communication is to convey a specific message – have you made it crystal clear how they can make the next move?

Natural. One of our bugbears is unnecessary or complicated jargon. Avoid using acronyms (unless you have clearly explained what they mean) OR your target market is such that they will understand them – as they are common parlance.

We could go on… such as take the time to research reaction to your key messages where you can. (We advise focus groups – which can be particularly helpful with important content such as web or brochure copy). When thinking about content for your website there are other issues to consider as well. The words or content will impact upon your SEO (search engine optimisation) and rankings… BUT that’s for another day!

Of course, the other solution to make sure your content is just perfect…is to ask us to write it for you!!!!!!!


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What's your content style?