AMAZEBALLS! I can chillax and plan my bucket list

As a former journo and PR consultant you would expect me to have an interest in words wouldn’t you.

Today Collins Dictionary has announced the inclusion of eighty six new words, many of which have been suggested by the great British public.

Whilst some of them probably amount to no more than slang, many have become common parlance and therefore have earned their place in the lexicon.

Without wishing to sound like an extra in ‘The Only Way is Essex’ I have to own up that some of the ‘new’ words have crept into my own dialogue. I have been know to decree that something is ‘lush’ as in opulent and attractive (rather than green and leafy), I often feel many tasks in my life are ‘faffy’ (too time consuming), and rather than flicking a finger in road rage I will shout ‘jog on’ in a derogatory tone the the offending motorist.

As my mother constantly derides (yes, even at my age) I select my daily outfit from the ‘floordrobe’ then log on to my laptop to see the latest additions to my Facebook pages. Yes, Facebook now officially listed as a ‘social networking site’ in the dictionary. Then it’s on to Twitter where I probably choose to ignore the ‘egg heads’ who have decided to become a follower of mine. No, I’m not worried about their immense intellectual or highbrow capacity – just their anonymous looking avatar!

Looking through the list, some of the newly registered words would probably never make it into my own usage, however there are a couple that I quite like the sound of and may choose to adopt. I’m drawn to  ‘snappins’ which apparently is a dialect word used in the Midlands to describe a light lunch, whilst a ‘bunbury’ could come in handy from time to time. This is, according to Collins, a fictitious scenario created to avoid an engagement you don’t wish to attend!!

Finally to finish off, a word I really hope I don’t need to encounter is ‘frenemy’. This apparently is a supposed friend who acts in a treacherous manner. Thankfully I choose to surround myself with great friends, and to work with trustworthy and loyal colleagues.

If however I ever do discover someone has been duplicitous I

Eighty six new words added to the Collins on line dictionary

may just go out and get ‘blootered’.

If you’d like to check out the latest new words on the block go to,40,HCB.html