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If you’re looking to add some zing and zest to your communications strategy then we’re here to help.

At Lime Tree Communications we enable businesses across Hampshire, Dorset and the South Coast to get the best from PR, communications and marketing.

Whatever size of business, and whatever it is you do – there is sure to be something interesting and newsworthy – and well worth communicating to the right audience.

Julie-Anne is an exemplary media relations professional with a proven track record in journalism and corporate marketing and communications.

Maybe you are used to working with consultants? Possibly you handle the marketing and communications strategies yourself? Could it be that you are new to this game – yet know you need to consider improving your communications for business growth or success?

We’re here to solve those problems whether you are starting afresh or looking to work with an out-sourced partner. Lime Tree Communications will work with you, winkling out all those interesting facts, figures and USP’s that can help create the right impressions about your business.

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